Being in the service industry can certainly make you feel like the odd man out. You don’t work the average 9-5 job or have the routine Monday – Friday job. So, many of your habits may come off as strange to your friends and family. Here are a few signs that you may be suffering from the service industry lifestyle. Don’t worry though it’s normal. Well, for the rest of us at least it seems normal.


Your mornings start in the afternoon

Unlike, the rest of the working world we don’t wake up when the sun rises. We just drag ourselves (and hangover) out of bed whenever we feel like it. Typically, that is around one in the afternoon.

You may or may not have a drinking problem

It isn’t so much that you are drinking to get drunk, rather you kept drinking and realized you’re drunk. Sometimes the beer and vent sessions after work can get a bit carried away.

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You feel like you’re missing out on EVERYTHING

Friends are throwing a party that weekend and you can’t go. Family is back in town for the holidays and you have to work. That concert you really wanted to go to is on a Saturday – consider it a lost cause.

On your day off you feel like a pest

So, it is a Wednesday and you feel like living life. Only problem is all your friends are working because well it is a Wednesday. They respond to your text/calls with an understanding, “No dude, I can’t go day-drinking with you. I’m at work.”

You don’t believe in Happy Hours

Everyone else gets out of work and hits up their favorite pubs for ‘Happy Hour.’ Meanwhile, you’re heading into work during Happy Hour.

When you eat-out you can be a bit judgmental

Even the best of us can sometimes get a little too critical. Eating-out can strike our nerves especially, after you order a medium burger and received a hockey puck (well done) instead.

You’re a night owl

No matter how early you may get out of work you still find yourself unable to go to sleep until 4 AM.

You don’t ever have a case of the Mondays

It is more like where’d my day off go it is Thursday already?

Your friends at work have become your family

No one seems to understand what you’re going through expect your comrades at work. So, naturally when everyone else is working on a Monday you and the gang are out partying like it is a Saturday because well, you couldn’t on Saturday – you were working.